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This Booklet is an amazing goal of the Mov'in Europe Slovakia team that worked on it for the last couple of months. It shows the stories of the exchange students, who experienced their exchange in Slovakia.

The main aim of this Booklet is to promote mobility in Slovakia as such. It doesn't matter where you are from, how old you are, what your main field is. Slovakia is an amazing place full of wonders, great people, tasteful food, and colourful culture that everyone, who visits this small country in the heart of Europe enjoys and falls for. 

We believe connecting international students with local children is one of the many small steps we can take towards a more inclusive and tolerant society.
No, it will not save the world. However, instead of complaining about how unkind people can become to strangers, we decided to allow them to meet strangers.

Have you decided to go to Slovakia on your Erasmus? And you cannot even spot it on the map, right? But you are desperately trying to gather as much information as possible about this unexplored but beautiful country before your arrival. Let us help you with this article about various traditions people used to stick to in the past. Are you ready?

New Year’s Traditions

Maybe this year will be yours, maybe this year will be the time of your life, maybe this year you are going on Erasmus? There are several types of people when it comes to exchange programmes. Some cannot wait for the D day; when they grab their suitcase and get out of their hometown eager to go on an adventure. Others are looking forward to experiencing something different (the calmer ones); to see new places and taste new cultures.


Autumn Training“ v Pescare bol pre mňa nateraz najlepším ESN zážitkom tohto roka!


Can you please introduce yourself, who are you, what do you study? Which country did you choose as your Erasmus destination?


I would have never thought of doing my Erasmus in Lithuania. The country I had always been confusing with Latvia. My decision had to come fast when I was told I had the last hour to make the final decision. I could have chosen between Croatia and Lithuania. Well, honestly, Lithuania sounded much more exotic to me. Don‘t ask me why.

Erasmus in Croatia


Uncommon Destination


Hello everybody!

I would like to tell you a little bit about my Erasmus I did 2 years ago. My name is Andrej and I’m a Civil Engineering student in Bratislava, Slovakia. During my second year at the university a many of my friends tried the program. I visited some of them as well and the international lifestyle started to call my name. However, I could go just in my last year of the bachelor program. Studying abroad fascinated me so much that I had to sign up. And I did.