Current composition of the National Board 2019/2020:

President: Timotej Hossa (

Vice-President: Zuzana Razzouková (

National Representative: Martina Turčinová (,

Communication Manager: Ondrej Király (

Partnership Manager: vacant (

Treasurer: vacant (


Current composition of the National Coordinators 2019/2020:

Social Inclusion Coordinator: Barbora Osvaldová (

Mov'in Europe Coordinator: vacant (

Trip Coordinator: Vladimíra Górná (


Current composition of the National Supporters 2019/2020:

Vice-National Representative: Mária Váňová (

Webmaster: Maroš Čavojský ( )

Education Officer: vacant (


Current composition of the Advisory and Control Council 2019/2020:

 Annamária Košútová:

 Matej Bednár:

 Dávid Batuna:


National Board of ESN Slovakia

The National Board consists of six members - President, Vice-President, National Representative, Communication Manager, Partnership Manager, and Treasurer.

President represents ESN Slovakia externally and acts on behalf of ESN Slovakia. He is responsible for organizing the running of ESN Slovakia.

Vice-President distributes knowledge and experience from national background to local sections, actively communicates with members, and tries to overcome the problems and suggestions of National Board members, always representing the interests of members.

National Representative acts on behalf of ESN Slovakia at international level, within the international bodies of the Erasmus Student Network AISBL. He regularly informs ESN members about the situation at international level.

Communication Manager is responsible for the continuous promotion and presentation of ESN Slovakia to third parties. He develops and implements a marketing strategy, coordinates the presentation of ESN Slovakia members to third parties at national and international levels, provides promotional materials of ESN SK, as well as its members.

Partnership Manager deals with providing financial sources and fund raising for the association's activities. He represents ESN Slovakia to third parties, especially sponsors and potential partners. He updates a partner database, actively searches and acquires partners and takes care of long-term relationships. Negotiates conditions and prepares partnership agreements for ESN Slovakia. He coordinates members who are interested in acquiring partners for ESN Slovakia through the "Partnership Team".

Treasurer is responsible for the proper accounting management of ESN Slovakia in accordance with the valid system of law of the Slovak Republic, prepares and submits the draft budget, supervises the compliance with the approved budget and keeps the accounting documents.


Coordinators of ESN Slovakia

Social Inclusion Coordinator manages and provides functioning of the Social Inclusion project and all its activities at ESN Slovakia.

Mov'in Europe Coordinator manages and provides functioning of the Mov'inEurope project and all its activities at ESN Slovakia.

Trip Coordinator manages and provides functioning of the organization of national trips and all its activities for ESN Slovakia.

If necessary, a coordinator for a specific international or national project, such as the national coordinator of the Erasmus + 30th anniversary celebration, may be appointed.


Supporters of ESN Slovakia

Vice-National Representative cooperates with the NR and, if necessary, deputizes him. For the purposes of deputization, all the NR rights and obligations are transferred to the Vice-NR.

Webmaster technically ensures the running of ESN SK websites, ESN SK mailing lists and other ESN SK information and communication platforms.

Education Officer is responsible for coordinating ESN AISBL international research projects within ESN SK, creates and preserves long-term and high-quality relationships with education policy institutions and cooperates with national authorities and organizations involved in Erasmus +.


Advisory and Control Council of ESN Slovakia

Advisory and Control Council monitors compliance with the statutes and internal regulations, therefore is entitled to inspect all documents and records related to the activities of ESN Slovakia, to check that the accounting records are consistent with reality, and whether the association is carried out in accordance with the statutes and general legislation. He verifies the annual report on ESN SK activities, and submits the notes on this matter to the National Platform. He informs the National Platform about deficiencies identified and submits proposals for their removal.