Nursery School

As a part of social inclusion days, we have organized event under the name nursery school. We had 11 Erasmus students participating in this event. In the lovely Friday morning, when the  Sun was already up we have visited  English/Spanish nursery school in Banská Bystrica. In this way, we wanted to help children improve their foreign language skills as well as enjoy some amazing time with our Erasmus students.  To share multiculturality. This event exceeded our expectations. Not only children found their new best friends in the community of our Erasmus students, but it was also the same for our Erasmus students, they became time travelers for a while. They came back to the times of their own carefree childhood. At first, we have played some games, draw and prepared some indoor activities for children and later on, we went for a walk in the park. What makes us super proud of it, is not only the fact that we have got shared by ESN international (yaay), it is all the smiles and laughs from children and our Erasmus students. We are here to make erasmus even better experience and in all those smiles we could have seen that what we do as volunteers is totally worth it.