The main concept of this event was oriented on specific needs and those were the needs of learning the basics to survive the first month of your mobility/stay in a foreign country. „Motto“ of this event was: Yo no hablo Español! Je ne parle pas Français! Ja neviem po Slovensky! Io non parlo l'Italiano! Ich spreche nicht gut Deutsch! Я не говорю по-русски! Nie umiem mówić po Polsku! Türkçe bilmiyorum! Ne govorim hrvatski!

This event was a novelty for us, even though other sections organise similar events on a daily basis. We took this challenge and we collected ideas and hints from other sections according to their best practices. The event was opened to a wider public. We shared the invitation within the local students at the both universities. Everyone who wanted to learn a little bit of a new language was welcomed. On the 6th of March 2018, during national Mobility week, we brought together students from various countries all around the world (Argentina, Kazakhstan, France, Italy, Russia, Norway, Croatia, Turkey, Poland, Slovakia and Finland) and we divided them to several groups in a small Café here in Nitra. The groups consisted of participants from different country + ESNers + local students. Before the event we prepared papers on which were written different phrases in English and the task of the participants was to write down those phrases translated to their own language and to try to teach the other members of the group how to pronounce them correctly. Later, the conversations went to different topics and the participants could discuss about whatever they wanted or they were interested in.