"Erasmus Student Network unites different students from many countries for 30 years already. We decided to celebrate this anniversary through moving Photo Exposition associated with Erasmus Info Talks and present the idea “Students helping students” to whole university. We prepared posters with pictures of our current and previous Exchange students and ESN STUBA members. On each poster were interviews where the questions approached life on Erasmus to all the students, and to explained what ESN had been giving to the volunteers instead of the money. To describe Erasmus even better, we created posters with collages of pictures from our Erasmus students and we added their statements about “What did Erasmus give them”. The same thing we did for ESN members. We wanted to be original, so we created our own ESN STUBA Timeline. And finally, we created new promo materials like new stickers, business cards and new updated brochure about ESN and our section. The Exposition took one week, from November 11th to November 15th, and it was exposed at 5 faculties (from 7 in total) of STU. One day for one faculty. At each faculty, the same day as Photo Expo took part, were organised Erasmus Info Talks, mostly for outgoing Slovak students. During the Info Talks, we also presented ESN STUBA. The last event of the week took part on Thursday. 14.november. In the afternoon we organised, together with Foreign Relations Office, First International Fair event, where Erasmus students presented their countries and where we had a chance to present ESN STUBA and mobility itself. We can't count the number of people who have seen the Exposition, but at each faculty it took place at a very frequent corridor or foyer. Everybody walking around have seen a logo of ESN and that was the purpose."