In late April we organised a 3 day trip to one of the most beautiful national parks in our country – to the Slovak paradise. We took a night train from Bratislava to Košice and travelled through the night. The journey was long and exhausting and after few hours of sleep, we finally arrived to the metropolis of the east – Košice. After a early morning breakfast we moved to the city centre, where the kind and nice representative of ESN Košice, Paťka, waited for us. She took us around the city and showed us all the must-see places in Košice. She did a very good job and all the Erasmus students liked the tour and in the end found some bravery to ask questions as well. After a 2 hours long free program we again jumped on the train and travelled to Hrabušice, where was our accommodation. In one hour, the trained stopped due to some accident on the tracks and we were forced to wait one and half hour. But thanks to our great preparation and the gadgets, like frisbee, we took with ourselves, this was one of the greatest moments. Everyone had a good time and the almost 2 hours long wait was not that bad at all. Check in at the private family house was quick and we finally got some food in the local pizzeria (Italians liked it too!).

Second day was the day of the hike. There was no fear in their eyes during the breakfast, so with great expectations the hiking started. Our paradise guide Miško, chose a nice path across Suchá Belá, Kláštorisko and Prielom Hornádu. It was suitable also for beginners. With one word: incredible! The nature in Slovak paradise is unbelievable and so pure, that many of the Erasmus guys were speechless. So were we. At Kláštorisko we had 2 hours break to gain new power for the rest of the hike. We also had the pleasure to meet with former ESNers from ESN Košice and also our National President Lukáš.

Way back across the Prielom Hornádu was magnificent thanks to the starting sunset. Fun fact: one of our participants is afraid of heights. It took a great courage for her to overcome her fear. I was so glad that she did it no matter the tears or the huge fear. During the night we were able to do a real Slovak barbecue “opekačka” with the sausages, bread and bacon.

Last day of our trip was about relaxing. They deserved a good relaxation after the all day long hiking. AquaCity Poprad was a perfect dot after our amazing trip. Hot water, sauna and sunshine – a paradise.
To conclude, our trip had a high attendance, everything went as planned (more-less), we tried a section cooperation between the 2 furthest ESN sections, visited the most beautiful part of Slovakia and showed our students places they would never visit by their own.