Can you please introduce yourself (who are you, where are you from, what do you study)?

My name is Iva although everyone knows me as Ivčica Pivčica. I’m from Croatia but I am currently living and working in Brno, Czech Republic. I graduated in Sociology at the University of Split in Croatia.

How long have you been a member of ESN and what were your roles before becoming active in the international world of ESN?

I have been a part of ESN for almost three years. I started in my local section, ESN Split, first as an active member and buddy. Later on, I was appointed to become Grants coordinator in ESN Split. Together with the team, we got funds for four projects. Regardless of that Mov’in Europe was always my passion and I was also active as a local coordinator. After the AGM in Warsaw, I was sure I wanted to become a National Mov’in Europe coordinator for ESN Croatia. 

What is your position within Mov'in Europe Team and how long have you been doing it?

Currently, I’m at the position of Mov’in Europe Project coordinator and I started my mandate on 15th of July 2017.

Can you describe your main tasks and responsibilities?

My main task is to make sure that everything that is supposed to happen happens :D. I mostly manage the team, present the project externally and within ESN and try to deliver the activities set in our action plan.

Can you describe some other interesting tasks on which Mov'in Europe Team is working on?

I believe our biggest, most challenging and most interesting project is “Mobility is My Lifestyle” campaign. We have partners like Ryanair and Hostelling International and we are organizing an amazing trip for two winners who will travel all across Europe for two weeks. This is one of the things that are currently our main priority and my job is, for example, to communicate with the partners.

What was your most valuable experience connected to being in Mov'in Europe Team so far?

The most valuable experience? Being part of the program that I like so much, that represents my values and also working with the people that I like and consider my friends. 

What were the most challenging tasks that you had to deal with?

The biggest challenge would be working with people with different backgrounds, nationalities and even understandings of the project. But that is also what makes it so special, because it offers me possibilities to grow a lot and this is even what Mov´in Europe is about.

Have you attended any international events related to Mov'in Europe Team? If so, which ones and what was the best about them?

We had International Projects Teams meeting at the beginning of our mandate, during which we had to come up with our Action Plan and discuss the project together. For me it was one of the best events in general, because I have learned so many new things.

What is your message for people who can’t decide whether to join Mov'in Europe Team or not?

Just do it, you won’t regret it. It may take some time to get adjusted to the work part of a project if you haven´t had such an opportunity before, but it´s very rewarding in the end. For me, this has been THE opportunity to use my skills in practice – the skills I acquired through ESN, in fact.