Žilina is the biggest north-western city in Slovakia. Inhabitated by approximately 80 000 citizens it is the fourth biggest town in Slovakia. The development of the city and the region has been accelarated by the investment of Kia Motors Slovakia. However being an economically strong region, Žilina has a lot to offer to tourists, too.

The settlement in the valley of confluence of the rivers Váh and Kysuca has started between 5th and 10th century. The first mention of „Selinan“ (today Žilina) was recorded in 1208. By the end of 13th century the city was granted the town´s privilegies and the central part moved to the present Mariánske námestie (Marian square). The University of Žilina was established in 1953 and until now it is the only Slovak university offering studies in transport and communications.

The favorable location makes it a traffic junction and it is easily accesible from all parts of Slovakia. It is also very close to Polish and Czech borders what makes it even more interesting.  

Are you asking what is worth to see here? While visiting Žilina you should definitely see The Most Holy Trinity Church above Námestie Andreja Hlinku, the biggest icon of Žilina. The tower called Burianova veža is standing close to the church, too. Continuing to the centre of Žilina you will soon get to Mariánske námestie, where the most restaurants, bars and clubs are located. The dominant here is the Baroque Church of the Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle and the Capuchin monastery from 18th century. On the northern periphery of Žilina is located the Budatin castle that offers a beautiful view over the whole city.

If you prefer hiking then you´re in the right place as well. Žilina is surrounded by natural wealth such as Malá Fatra National Park or Jánošikové diery which are definitely worth seeing. For a short walk we would recommend you Straník that offers a beautiful view over the whole valley.

If you´re planning a trip to Slovakia, stop by in Žilina. You are warmly welcomed and we hope you will enjoy your stay. 

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