Banská Bystrica is a lovely city located in the heart of Slovakia. It is the most important historical, cultural and economic centre of the central Slovakia. It lies on the banks of the river Hron surrounded by wonderful scenary of different mountains such as Low Tatras, Kremnické vrchy, Slovenské rudohorie etc. The local landscape is dominated by the Urpín mountain where you can find many places with different and great views of the city. 

The history of the city is connected with mining. In 15th century Banská Bystrica was the European metropolis in mining, processing and trading with copper. It used to be a very rich city what we can still see in the artichitecture of the city centre where we can find Castle complex, burghers‘ houses and other historic buildings. In the mid-20th century, the town entered the history when in August 1944 became the centre of the Slovak National Uprising. Nowadays there is the Monument to the SNP (Slovak National Uprising) and the open-air museum situated in the park near the town centre commemorate to those events. The main square Námestie SNP creates the image of the city. There are many historic monuments and different attractions such as the Singing fountain, the Clock tower, the town hall etc. It is also full of different shops, restaurants and cafés. 

In summer tourists are attracted by variety of cultural and sport events sucha s festivals, exhibitions or concerts. The surrounding area offers different opportunities for active tourists who prefer to spend time in nature by doing different activities such as hiking, climbing, rafting on the river Hron.

We can also say that Banska Bystrica is a student town. There is Matej Bel University which is attended by many students from different places of Slovakia and also from other countries. One would say that our town is calm but most students know that there is nightlife full of people, fun, music and dance. There are different pubs, bars and clubs, but the most important one is Ministry of Fun that is very favourite among students. It is the biggest and most modern club in Slovakia and it attracts many people. 

The members of our section organize different kind of events for international students. In the beginning of the term there is Welcome Week full of activities for every day. We try to focus on SocialErasmus activities, so students can get in touch with the locals and gain an experience in volunteering. The most important event is International Village that takes place in the town hall. Students present their countries, show their traditions, culture and cuisine. Also, since students like to have fun and enjoy their time, we organize parties with different topics for them. They can show their skills, creativity and create unforgettable memories.

So do not hesitate and come to our town to have great time and experience many advetures with us :)