There are many negative opinions about the architecture of the European Union out there. Does it already fail to serve people of today? Since 2008, the Union stagger from crisis to crisis, without knowing how to adequately respond. Each of these crises - the debts of Greece, the crisis in Ukraine, the refugee crisis - shows that nation-states are not able to effectively solve global problems.

Instead of Europe has taken its place a strong player on the international scene, often remains as chaotic grouping of twenty-eight states. The Union does miss the necessary competency and competent institutions. Union of european federalists in Slovakia and JEF Slovakia opened the discussion to the guests and public. The national president of ESN Slovakia Hana Ceresnikova was there to discuss what is the role of youth organisation towards building the european federation nowadays.

The panel discussion took place in Hotel Tatra, 14th of October '15.


Pictures source: JEF Slovakia.