Small section, with growing numbers of incoming Erasmus students and team members. We are trying to deliver the best experience from stay in our city and university, and make it an unforgettable memory. Our organization structure is quite open and linear, while there is 4-6 active members. We prefer to work together on all events and projects, so every member of ESN UNIZA can take his part. Thus we don’t have traditional “one to one” buddy system, but we use everyone available. Erasmus students can get to know all team from begging and become friends with everybody. 


Welcome weekend by ESN UNIZA

The Welcome Weekend begun by meeting at the University of Zilina on the 25th of September. ESN UNIZA team welcomed new Erasmus+ students and provided them with information about ESN, Slovakia and upcoming events. 

After the presentation our international students had a chance to try Slovak national food in restaurant Smreková koliba. Our Erasmus+ students tasted bryndzové halušky and the dinner was very delicious. After the dinner we headed to Enjoy club for the welcome party where we had fun till the late night.

The next day we played bowling and afterwards we visited Beervana pub where we had beer presentation and tasted different varieties of beer. 

Sunday afternoon was dedicated to laser game.

During the welcome weekend new Erasmus+ students had a chance to meet our ESN members and get to know each other. 


Source: http://uniza.esn.sk/news/welcome-weekend