The Manor House Betliar was built in the first half of 15th century, gradually growing and forming by reconstructions. This hunting estate of almost 50 rooms was owned by the noble Bebek family and then Andrássy family for centuries, until 1945, when it became the property of the Slovak state and a National Cultural Monument.

Interior of the manor house is very romantic and luxurious. Among the rooms are a historical library filled with fine and very old volumes, winter garden, 8 bathrooms and many other stylish house-places. There are numerous paintings, decorations, souvenirs from hunts and abroad travels, collection of hunting rifles, combat weaponry and many hunting trophies.

It is surrounded by a beautiful 57-hectare English park filled in with many rare wood species, metal garden sculptures, fountains and there is even an artificial cave and 8 meters high waterfall. It is one of the largest maintained parks in Slovakia and has been included in the list of the world historical gardens.

Both the park and the manor house are national cultural sights. Attractive are the Freemasons’ Pavilion, the Great Artificial Waterfall with a grotto, as well as many other constructions including the Well of Hermes, the 3.20 m high column called the Olympic Fire made of lime tuff, the mysterious Bosnia Bar, the Rotunda, the Japanese Bridge, the Chinese Pavilion and others.

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