The programme Erasmus is so successful today, because it stands on activities of its former participants. It was Miroslav Radič and Martin Soták, at that time studying at the University of Economics in Bratislava, who founded the first Buddy System in Slovakia. It was in November 2003. There were only 30 foreign students and 5 slovak students who took care of them. The university was disposed to the idea of building up the Buddy System, so it provided the financial support to build it up.

In 2004, the Buddy System joined the ESN and it was renamed to ESN EUBA, which was the first section that arose in Slovakia. Miroslav Radič and Martin Soták directed the ESN EUBA between 2004 and 2006. When Martin Soták finished his studies, Zuzka Baranová took his place. ESN EUBA worked very well, organized pick ups, welcome weekends, trips and parties.

In 2005, the members of ESN EUBA participated on AGM in Gdansk. Since 2003, the number of foreign students studying at the University of Economics in Bratislava has doubled and finally reached 100 in 2006. The first Section Meeting was organised in Bratislava in 2006. By the year 2007, the ESN EUBA has participated on several meetings, like CEP Vienna, AGM Prague and on conference dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Erasmus, which was organized in Lisbon.

In 2008, Katarína Jašicová became the member of the management team, as well as the NR ESN Slovakia. She succeeded in establishing following new sections ESN UCM in Trnava (founder Anička Kleschtová), ESN UNIAG in Nitra (founders Martin Hudec, Marianna Geffertová and Jana Reváková), ESN UNIZA in Žilina (founder Kvetka Mišiaková) and ESN Comenius University in Bratislava (founders Alexandra Kristufková and Henika Dubecká). The first Slovak National Platform took place in Bratislava in the same year.

In 2009, all the ESN sections worked successfully, except for the section ESN UCM in Trnava, which unfortunately stopped working. On the other hand a new section ESN UPJS in Košice (founders Norbert Ostro and Mária Juraševská) joined our network. In 2009, all members of ESN Slovakia participated on AGM Utrecht.

In January 2010 the second Slovak National Platform was organised in Košice, where the members agreed on accepting a new section ESN UMB in Banská Bystrica (founder Mirko Hajnoš). The first Slovak National Board was also established. In the same year ESN Slovakia organized two National events, on which all the foreign students participated. ESN EUBA organized CEP in Bratislava too.

The subsequent Slovak National Platform was held in January 2011 in Banská Bystrica. The invitations to participate in the platform meeting accepted representatives of Student Council for Higher Education of Slovak Republic and coordinators of the programme Youth in Action. By that time, it was the meeting of ESN Slovakia with the most participants ever, over 30. This meeting was crucial for further development of ESN Slovakia; the whole year 2011 was a milestone for the functioning of ESN Slovakia. During summer semester ESN Slovakia organized third national event for international students in Košice with the help of ESN UPJŠ Košice. The whole summer semester was very productive; our members participated in many international projects, represented Slovak Republic and Slovak universities. After the summer, the second National Platform of 2011 was held in Nitra, organized by ESN UNIAG. More than 50 participants were present this time at the national platform meeting. Several important guests enriched the conference; in particular, a guest from ESN headquarters Brussels, delegate of National Agency, and representatives of Student Council for Higher Education of Slovak Republic. The most important issue of NP in Nitra was the acceptation of four new ESN sections; ESN PEU Bratislava (Radka Sabová), ESN VSEMVS (Janka Gašperová), ESN UKF (Prokop Teper), and ESN UNIPO Prešov (Veronika Tóthová). ESN Slovakia has transformed itself into a median model of ESN countries.

Date of creation of ESN Slovakia:

  • 2004

Number of sections: 12 sections

  • ESN Comenius University (2008)

  • ESN SUA Nitra (2008)

  • ESN UNIZA (2008)

  • ESN Košice (2009)

  • ESN UMB BB (2010)

  • ESN UNIPO Prešov (2011)

  • ESN UKF Nitra (2011)

  • ESN PEU Bratislava (2011)

  • ESN Trnava (2012)

  • ESN EU Bratislava (2012)

  • ESN STUBA Bratislava (2012)

  • ESN VSMU Bratislava (2013)

International Events hosted in Slovakia:

  • Section Meeting 2006 in Bratislava – ESN EUBA
  • Central European Platform 2010 in Bratislava – ESN EUBA
  • EduK8 Training 2012 in Vrutky - ESN UMB BB
  • Central European Platform 2013 in Kosice - ESN Kosice

National Platforms in Slovakia:

  • National Platform Bratislava 2008 – ESN EUBA
  • National Platform Kosice 2010 – ESN Kosice
  • National Platform Banska Bystrica 2011 – ESN UMB BB
  • National Platform Nitra 2011 - ESN UNIAG
  • National Platform Bratislava 2012 - ESN VSEMVS
  • National Platform Košice 2012 - ESN Košice
  • National Platform Žilina 2013 - ESN UNIZA
  • National Platform Banska Bystrica 2013 - ESN UMB
  • National Platform Trnava 2014 - ESN UCM
  • National Platform Nitra 2014 - ESN UKF + ESN SUA
  • National Platform Bratislava 2015 - ESN CU
  • National Platform Banská Bystrica 2015 - ESN UMB
  • National Platform Nitra 2016 - ESN UKF + ESN SUA
  • National Platform Bratislava 2016 - ESN EU


Section President's Meetings in Slovakia:

  • SPM Bratislava 2011 - ESN PEU Bratislava
  • SPM Presov 2012 - ESN UNIPO Presov
  • SPM Trnava 2013 - ESN UCM Trnava
  • SPM Nitra 2013 - ESN UNIAG
  • SPM Brno 2014 - ESN CZ + ESN SK
  • SPM Košice 2015 - ESN Košice
  • SPM Bratislava 2015 - ESN SK + ESN CZ
  • SPM Žilina 2016 - ESN UNIZA

National Representatives of ESN Slovakia

  • 2004 - 2005 Martin Sotak (ESN EUBA)
  • 2006 - 2007 Miroslav Radic (ESN EUBA)
  • 2008 - 2010 Katka Jasicova (ESN EUBA)
  • 2010 - 2010 Norbert Ostro (ESN Kosice)
  • 2010 - 2011 Mirko Hajnos (ESN UMB BB)
  • 2011 - 2013 Prokop Teper (ESN UKF)
  • 2013 - 2013 Vladimír Železňák (ESN UNIPO)
  • 2014 - 2014  Michal Sabo (ESN CU)
  • 2015 - 2015 Zuzana Gáliková (ESN UMB) + Prokop Teper (ESN UKF)
  • 2016 - 2017 Marianna Rudinská (ESN Košice)

National Board of ESN Slovakia


  • President - Katka Jašicová(ESN EUBA)
  • Vice-NR - Matúš Meričko (ESN EUBA)
  • NR - Norbert Ostro (ESN Košice)
  • Webmaster  - Miroslav Hajnoš (ESN UMB BB)


  • President - Katka Jašicová (ESN EUBA)
  • Vice-NR - Mária Juraševská (ESN Košice)
  • NR/Webmaster  - Miroslav Hajnoš (ESN UMB BB)


  • President / Vice-NR - Miroslav Hajnoš (ESN UMB BB)
  • NR/Vice-President  - Prokop Teper (ESN UKF)
  • Webmaster - Andrej Macák (ESN UNIAG)
  • Treasurer - Miroslav Janek (ESN VSEMVS)
  • Fundraiser - Maroš Korman (ESN PEU)


  • President / Vice-NR - Júlia Marcincinová (ESN Košice)
  • NR/Vice-President  - Prokop Teper (ESN UKF)/Vladimír Železňák (ESN UNIPO)
  • Webmaster - Michal Sabo (ESN CU)
  • Treasurer - Miroslav Janek (ESN VSEMVS)/Ladislav Juščák (ESN UMB)
  • Fundraiser - Evka Daňková (ESN Košice)


  • President / Vice-NR - Simona Ježíková (ESN UMB)
  • NR / Vice-President - Michal Sabo (ESN CU)
  • Webmaster - Andrea Peťková (ESN UMB)
  • Treasurer - Patrícia Mačalová (ESN EU)
  • Fundraiser - Janka Gasperova (ESN VŠEMVS)


  • President - Hana Čerešníková (ESN CU)
  • Vice-President - Jakub Osvald (ESN PEU)
  • National Representative - Zuzana Gáliková (ESN UMB) / Prokop Teper (ESN UKF)
  • Public Relations Manager - Maira Mura (ESN UMB) / Kamila Žitňanská (ESN CU)
  • Partnership Manager - Adam Kelo (ESN CU)