Leo Express: The carrier of ESN SK

Take the advantage of travelling on-board Leo Express connections with a 25% cashback for all students with valid ESNcard or ISIC card. When travelling to Czech republic, you can even get a 50% discount on the Czech part of the route with your ISIC card!

To understand the system of discounts and cashback see the table below.

Discount type Discount in Czech Republic
on train or bus in Economy class
Discount outside of the Czech Republic
on train or bus in Economy class
Cashback amount in leo credits
(commercial connections)

for Smile Club members from any route in Economy class
Cashback amount in leo credits
(connections in public service obligation)

for Smile Club members from any route in Economy class
Student 18–25 years 50 % 0 % 25 % according to the current loyalty category in Smile Club orange pupil card, ISIC (until 25 years), ISIC Scholar
Student or teacher 0 % 0 % 25 % 25 % ITIC, IYTC, ALIVE, Staff Card, ESNcard, EYCA, Orange pupil card, ISIC or ISIC Scholar for travels outside of the Czech Republic or for students older than 25 years

Enjoy comfortable and fast connections with outstanding services on all our lines! To get the benefit, sign in into our Smile Club and the cashback will be credited to you after each ride.

Leo Express operates trains and buses in European countries such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland and Ukraine. As a matter of course, there is Wi-Fi connection, air-conditioning, electric sockets and comfortable seats on board of all connections. On trains and selected bus lines you can order delicious refreshments or try the Premium or Business class with first-class service.

Try our connections from Slovakia!

Košice - Prešov - Poprad - Žilina - Ostrava - Olomouc - Prague

Košice - Uzhhorod - Mukachevo  – Lviv


Safe travel with Leo Express

We will do everything to make you feel safe and comfortable on board of our connections. Our safety measures:

  • Anti-Covid automatic disinfection dispensers at the front door
  • we offer passengers free disposable protective masks on all our connections on request
  • Leo Express trains are disinfected several times a day, always before the arrival of the new passengers. Five times a week a deep cleaning of trains takes place. We also have ozone available to treat the units, which destroys all germs.
  • special antibacterial layer on printed materials

How to book your ticket?

To get benefits from Leo Express, choose "SMILE CLUB" in the upper bar, then click on "Register" in the orange box and fill in your special data. After that, you can take adventage of the 25% cashback.

Please, have your ESNcard or ISIC card on you when boarding Leo Express connections to prove your discount to the steward/driver. For further information don't hesitate to contact us on +420 220 311 700, visit www.leoexpress.com or

downloap application: https://www.leoexpress.com/en/about-us/mobile-app

Book your ticket now!